Our qualified and certified technicians are ready to give you quality service at home for everything related to the repair and installation of appliance parts.

Our prices

We charge a base rate of $80 for any service call plus any additionnal fees for parts and labor.

How to proceed

Before contacting us, make sure you have the model number of your device with its serial name if available. Here is how, in most cases, to find your model number depending on the type of device:

  • Refrigerator : the inside of the door walls
  • Washer : in the interior cavity of the door opening
  • Dryer : in the interior cavity of the door opening
  • Dishwasher : on the sides of the door
  • Oven (stove): in the interior walls of the oven at the level of the drawer

Once you have the model number, continue with filling out the form below.